The Body Review

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A Jewish archaeologist and Vatican priest are drawn to Jeruslam to investigate the discovery of remains which might prove to be those of Christ.


Sadly, for fans of co-stars Antonio Banderas and Olivia Williams, The Body in question is a pile of old bones. Specifically, a pile of old bones discovered in a rich man's tomb in Jerusalem, with all signs pointing to the remains of Jesus.

Determining whether the remains really are the unrisen Son of God falls to Banderas' Vatican priest and Williams' Jewish archaeologist, with potentially explosive results. Or not.

An intriguing premise and interesting cast are frittered away on redundant scenes, expositional dialogue and ill-conceived action sequences. In the hands of, say, Tom Stoppard, this may have been a profound meditation on the importance of faith, but under debuting director McCord, The Body is nice to look at but lifeless.

The Body is nice to look at but lifeless.