Bob le Flambeur Review

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Bob le Flambeur: A gambler plans to rob a casino. Un Flic: Alain Delon plays an enigmatic cop in pursuit of his own doppelganger.

Two films on one disc from French crime master Jean-Pierre Melville. His early classic, Bob le Flambeur (recently remade as Neil Jordan's The Good Thief), finds principled gambler Bob hoping to end a losing streak with a casino heist. Rather than dwell on intricate planning, Melville emphasises the individualistic characters and cool '50s mood of night-time Montmartre.

His final work, Un Flic, is less polished, but features a stand-out opening bank robbery that's shot beside a rain-lashed seafront in cold, steely blues. Alain Delon, star of Melville's Le Samourai, here switches sides to play an enigmatic cop.

A must for those who like their crime capers cool and elegant.