Boat Trip Review

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Two friends are tricked into vacationing on an all-gay cruise ship.


Right, there is absolutely no way this movie is getting anything other than one star. After all, it's a movie starring Cuba Gooding Jr.. And that fat git from Saturday Night Live (Sanz). It also has one of the most lame plots in the history of lame plots, as the pair - the former having been dumped by his girlfriend (Vivica A. Fox) - head off on a "shagadelic" cruise, only to discover (wait for it) that it's actually a GAY cruise!

It doesn't matter either that Roger Moore cuts quite a dash as a predatory old lech, pinching pert buns and muttering, "Well, hellooo" rather a lot. Or that love interest Roselyn Sanchez a) looks like Sandra Bullock with quadruple the sexy genes and b) spends the majority of the running time wearing what appears to be a belt.

No sirree, this horseshit's getting nothing more than one star. This reviewer has at least a little dignity left. Oh, what the hell...