BMX Bandits Review

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A pair of BMX-riding kids and a supermarket checkout girl foil a gang of bank robbers.


This Before They Were Famous regular boasts a star turn from a 17-year-old Nicole Kidman and her enormous fluffy hair (a second appearence from both after Aussie horse-race picture Prince and the Great Race [1983]). The film certainly demonstrates that her talent and dress sense have developed significantly over the years, but is still something of a clanger.

The plot is far too silly to explain, involving oyster-picking, a gang of the most spectacularly inept crooks in the world, a hidden stash of police walkie-talkies and loads and loads of stunt biking. The dialogue tries for arch innuendo but, in the mouths of three teens, comes across as rather creepy instead.

Ultimately, BMX bikes and Day-Glo elbow pads just ain't cool. One best left to fond memory.