Bluegate Crossing Review

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An adolescent love triangle develops between three previously close friends.


When Ke-Rou (Guey) tries to get Shi-Hao (Chen) to go out with her best friend, Yuezhen (Liang), a misunderstanding leads him to think that she is the one who has a crush on him. The situation is complicated further by Shi-Hao falling for Ke-Rou, and Ke-Rou realising that she sees Yuezhen as more than just a friend.

Adolescent relationships are a subject seldom tackled with any great realism, and this makes the second film from writer-director Chih-Yen Yee all the more special. Through subtly-drawn characters and delicately observed situations, Yee captures the bittersweet confusion of first love, the moody textured photography echoing the dark complexities of the emotions of the teenagers in this unusual love triangle.

The trio of young leads are uniformly excellent, giving beautifully nuanced performances that make this little film a real treat.