My Bloody Valentine 3D Review

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Ten years after causing a mining accident which drove a man on a vengeful murderous rampage, Tom returns to his home town to find his wife married to his best friend and a copycat killer again terrorising the town.


Ten years ago, the town of Harmony was the site of a murder spree committed by loony miner Harry Warden. Now, with neurotic Jensen Ackles back in town, the massacre continues. 1981 slasher My Bloody Valentine was no great shakes but entertaining enough, with an unusual blue-collar setting — rather than stalk college kids, its gas-masked maniac took a pickaxe to burly Canadian miners.

This 3-D remake tangles the whodunnit, but delivers amusing horrors: a murdered midget, the most naked slasher victim ever, eyeball-in-your-lap shocks, and multiple pickaxe-tossings. It may be rubbish, but it delivers.

A shameless but effective slasher remake.