Bloodhounds Review

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Charles Veasey is a cop killer who's on death row waiting for his execution. One day he escapes. Nikki a cop, whose father Veasey killed has decided to go after him, despite what her superiors say. Harrison Coyle, a crime author, offers his assistance to Nikki, who refuses, but Coyle thinking that it would be good material for another book, pursues Veasey, and bumps into Nikki. Which infuriates her. Eventually, they agree to work together.


Uninspired buddy road movie with LA Law's Corbin Bernsen and ER's Christine Harnos in one of her first leading role teaming up to track down an escaped killer. She's a detective out to avenge the death of her father and he's an opportunist true-life crime author after a good yarn.

Sadly the chemistry really isn't there and the age difference is clear to see. I would say re-casting would have helped but really this film needs an entire overhaul.

To be fair it's mildly diverting at times (if not a little irritating with Bernsen's usual same-old performance), but Harnos's appealing character can't make up for the inevitability of the whole thing.

No-one's trying in this movie apart from Corbin and he's dreadful.