Blood On Satan's Claw Review

Image for Blood On Satan's Claw

A ploughman unearths something nasty in 17th century England.


Courtesy of the short-lived Tigon films, this haunting horror is as much Hammer wannabe as a Witchfinder General re-hash - and surprisingly effective on both counts.

Continuing the early '70s obsession with 17th century witch persecutions, it's set in a country village whose children (lead by Haydon) soon turn into a coven of evil beggars with a love of blood and a hatred for clothes - a combination culminating in a rape sequence eerier than that in Rosemary's Baby. The whole thing, directed with panache by Piers Haggard (great grandnephew of King Solomon's Mines author, H. Rider Haggard), falls to pieces by the end, but the prevailing mood is hard to shake.

A spooky '70s treat.