Blood: The Last Vampire Review

Image for Blood: The Last Vampire

Half-vampire teen, Saya, is on a mission to destroy all the undercover monsters in an American army base school.


An expanded remake of a well-liked anime short, this French-Hong Kong production rewrites its vampire/demon mythology in a manner painfully derivative of Blade, Buffy and others. Thus Saya (Jun), an immortal half-vampire teenager, fights demons for a mysterious authority and, in 1970, turns up at an American army-base school in Japan to clash with human-seeming monsters among the staff. Director Chris Nahon offers girlie bonding, samurai period flashbacks and an unusual, Vietnam-era period setting, but most of the film just has the sailor-suited, pigtailed Saya swinging a mean sword into computer-game-look nasties.

Silly and derivative with unconvincing monsters.