Blitz Review

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A serial killer is at large in London and killing cops. Unfortunately for him, the Old Bill has maverick copper Brant (Statham) on the case.


Rule-breaking plod Brant (Jason Statham) is up against a copper-killing punk (Aidan Gillen). Many are going to be threatened, brutalised, bludgeoned and killed before the dust settles. The high concept of Blitz, adapted from one of Ken Gruen’s series of novels, is Dirty Harry in South London. With gimlet-eyed Statham embodying focused rage with a warrant card and Gillen scrambling various Sex Pistols with The Joker as an arrestee who demands to update his Facebook status before he sees a lawyer, it’s quality thick-ear entertainment with frills — Paddy Considine as a steel-cored gay cop chases through underused London locations — which cover its familiar storyline. Brant — so hard he makes Gene Hunt look like George Dixon — could be a signature role for Statham.

A rough-cut crime thriller that sees Jason Statham back on familiar turf and doing what he does best.