Black Widow Review

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A beautiful seductress (Theresa Russell) marries man after man, then murders them to collect the inheritance. A slow cat and mouse game ensues as an equally glamorous FBI agent (Debra Winger) uncovers her scheming.


Theresa Russell is a mysterious woman who makes a speciality of marrying and murdering rich men (Sami Frey, Dennis Hopper, Nicol Williamson). Debra Winger's the dogged investigator on her trail. It's sort of a female version of The Stepfather without any of the suspense and a lot less of the satire. The two stars are very good, doubtless enjoying their high fashion outfits, and the script has one clever plot reversal in the third act, but it really could have done with a few more thrills (the motives for the killings lead to necessarily slow plot development), either in the murder or the sexual perversity departments. Directed by Bob Rafelson, with a rare acting cameo from playwright David Mamet.

A star for Debra Winger and Theresa Russell; one for the film.