Black Water Review

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A terrifying tale of survival in the mangrove swamps of Northern Australia


Take Wolf Creek, relocate to Croc Swamp and you’ve nailed this intense lo-fi horror from Down Under. Based on real events, the movie presents a predicament rather than a narrative - three tourists get their boat overturned by a crocodile, escape up a mangrove tree and realise they’re stranded with a hungry predator staking them out below.

Shot on location with real crocs, the end result is as much a hostile survivalist eco-nightmare as a traditional creature feature. Raw turns and skilfull shot-craft sustain a sense of menace - less so a third-act plunge into Ripley-esque silliness.

A B-movie in mock-doc “true story” disguise then, but one that bites deep.

A barely disguised B-movie - but one that bites deep.