Billabong Odyssey Review

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An 18-month journey ensues when a group of champion surfers go in search of the world's gnarliest waves.


This pretty standard surfing documentary promises more than it delivers. The Billabong Odyssey, we are informed, is a three-year project in which the world's best big-wave surfers are assembled in order to scour the globe for hitherto unsurfed huge breaks.

Expectations of an Endless Summer-style quest are dashed, as in fact mostly what they do is go around the world competing in all the usual competitions and train a bit with jet skis. It's no substitute for Stacy Peralta's magnificent Riding Giants (2004), but may be worth catching simply for an astonishing opening shot in which a slow, glorious camera pullback reveals what these guys really mean by "big waves"!

A bit flat, but fans of the genre should be appetised for 'the big one'.