Biker Boyz Review

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Michael Galloway, president of a mainly male middle-class, African-American motorcycle club must defend his title from a young pretender in an annual drag-racing event in Fresno.


A two-wheel remake of 2001 hit The Fast And The Furious isn't the worst idea Hollywood has ever had but, for all its full-throttle premise, Biker Boyz has too much sugar in its tank to get anyone's motor running.

What should have been a Cormanesque celebration of crotch-rocket adrenalin, set in the world of illegal LA street racing, is actually a dull soap with a baffling paucity of thrills. Fishburne's ageing speed-king, under siege from newcomer Luke, is a standard ploy, but essential conflict is sabotaged by a worthless plot twist and the fact that both of them are so motherflipping nice. This would be by the by if the action was up to snuff, which it isn't.

The only thing fast and furious here is the editing which, once again, fails to compensate for skilful pacing, imaginative camerawork or a feel for the subject matter.