Big Stories Small Flashes Review

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Five Ways John Wayne Didn't Die: John Wayne meets God. Bouncer: A doorman has trouble with a disgruntled punter. First to See the Sun: A game of street hockey gets out of hand. What About The Bodies?: Three characters collide in the middle of nowhere. Where We Were: A couple encounter a mysterious stranger. Put Your Coat On!: A young girl ignores her parents' advice with disastrous consequences. The 1:10 Scale Score: A gang of thieves bungle their own carefully planned robbery. Rhubarb an


These films, made in 2002 with the participation of the UK Film Council's New Cinema Fund, are some of the scheme's highlights, but it's a mixed bag in terms of quality and style. An irreverent humour runs through most of the selection, which includes black comedies focusing on substance abuse, death and armed robbery. BAFTA-nominated Bouncer, with Ray Winstone, and Five Ways John Wayne Didn't Die, featuring one Jarvis Cocker, are among the best.

A mostly impressive taster of new British filmmaking talent.

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