Big River Man Review

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Slovenian long-distance swimmer sets out to sim the entire length of the Amazon river.


Barking Slovenian long-distance swimmer Martin Strel braves crocodiles, piranhas, third-degree sunburn and those little fish that swim up your knob in a touching but often manipulative documentary about his epic front-crawl down all 3,375 miles of the Amazon.

More outlandish in theory than actuality — the monsters Strel encounters on his world-record attempt ultimately exist in his head; a scenario probably not helped by a diet of wine and whisky — it’s still a fascinating testimonial to a sporting legend. Narrated by Strel’s long-suffering son and assistant Borut, it’s best at its most Fitzcarraldo, as Strel slowly drifts into a jungle delirium that recalls Hearts Of Darkness.

Entertaining more as a portrait of a slightly unhinged sportsman than the biography of stunt.