The Big Boss Review

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A young man swears an oath to his family to forego any violence but finds his resolve challenged when his factory co-workers start mysteriously disppearing and the factory Big Boss seems to be involved.


Bruce Lee’s break-out movie is the latest (and confusingly last) to receive the ‘Platinum Edition’ treatment.

This is the tale of Cheng Chao-an, a young man from the city, who goes to work with his cousin in a factory, swearing off violence to please his family and calm his soul. Unfortunately keeping his promise is under threat from the sinister goings on in the factory, where his co-workers, after having met the bosses, are disappearing one by one .

What earns it a place in every fu-fan’s collection is Lee’s rawness — the proverbial coiled spring unleashed to devastating effect.

It's interesting because it's the first Bruce Lee film but also it retains a rawness that is alluring to fans.