Beyond Utopia Review

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Daniel returns to his family's mansion for the holidays along with his girlfriend Susanne. His family's seemingly-utopian existence is overshadowed by not only the death of Daniel's brother, but also by Daniel's failure to live up to his brother's potential. However, this quickly becomes inconsequential, as blood-thirsty killers soon show up..


Just about the only thing this feeble thriller has going for it is a mildly unexpected twist. But as this is given away by the blurb on the cover, the whole enterprise is rendered somewhat pointless.

Fans of Melrose Place and Charmed and young boys might take solace in seeing Alyssa Milano in action, but had she not executive produced the project it's hard to see how she otherwise would have been cast. Similarly, the latter part of Jason Theroux's performance is embarrassing to behold. he really can make the most simple of sentences seem a chore.

Ice T's appearance at least adds some life to proceedings but is clearly playing a ludicrously over the top character and had no idea how to do so apart from 'read the lines-speak the lines acting.

Beyond words.