Beyond Clueless Review

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First-time filmmaker Charlie Lyne takes a tour through the prom nights, jocks, dweebs, hopeless romantics, bullies and comic brilliance of coming-of-age and teen cinema.


Brit blogger Lyne’s debut eschews the talking heads and behind the scenes gossip of recent movie documentaries in favour of an admirably ambitious but only partially successful slice of film criticism as film. Limiting himself to the ‘90s and beyond he delivers a kind of cliptastic taxonomy of the recent teen genre, unearthing some pleasingly marginal specimens along the way and delivering the odd acute insight. But without any context (why are they like this?) or historical perspective (how have they changed?) it all winds up a bit trope-on-a-rope and slightly draggy capsule plot synopses aren’t given much fizz by Fairuza Balk’s drone-y commentary.

A '90s nostalgia fest with some interesting points to make.