Beverly Hills Cop 3 Review

Image for Beverly Hills Cop 3

Axel Foley attempts to avenge the death of his boss by tracking down a group of forgers to a theme park.


How the mighty have fallen. Eddie Murphy’s sure-thing franchise of the streetwise Chicago cop playing hooky in L.A. hits its lowest ebb in this shambolic Die Hard in a theme park plot. The bad guys are forgers, holed up underneath the leisure park Wonderland; Murphy kicks ass, grins and cracks wise; but director John Landis forgets to include thrills, credibility or an iota of class. Rehashing just about every idea that featured during Foley’s first two outings (avenging the death of a friend, two up-tight sidekicks, etc) the film manages to be at once boring and make no sense whatsoever. To put it mildly, utter tosh.

Really quite awful.

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