Beverly Hills Chihuahua Review

Image for Beverly Hills Chihuahua

Chloe (Barrymore), a pampered Beverly Hills chihuahua, gets lost while on holiday in Mexico and must enlist the help of friendly pooches to escape the dognapper and get home.


Drew Barrymore is the voice of Jamie Lee Curtis’ chihuahua, and that’s probably all most adults need to know about this not-so-shaggy-dog tale. Pampered pooch Chloe leads the high life in Hollywood, trotting from hair appointment to pool party like a canine Paris Hilton. She gets a taste of reality when she’s snatched by dognappers in Mexico, though, and must enlist the help of a grumpy Alsatian, Delgado (Andy Garcia), to get home. It’s hugely silly, but peppy enough to be tolerable. What grates most are the patronising racial stereotypes: the dirty Mexican dogs are just waiting to be rescued by LA ladies and given a good bath.