A Better Tomorrow Part Two Review

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A restaurateur teams up with a police officer and his ex-con brother to avenge the death of a friend's daughter


For fans of Hard Target, Hard-Boiled and The Killer, another of John Woo’s explosive exercises and the sequel to one of his earliest’s box office successes with Woo favourite Chow Yun Fat as Ken, a New York restaurant owner and identical twin brother of Mark (who was killed in part one) who becomes embroiled in the Hong Kong underworld in an attempt to help one of his dead sibling’s friends. Full of typical Woo excesses, a tyically cool performance from Fat and a final shoot-out that goes down in the annals of history as one of the most outrageously over-the-top and gob-smacking ever filmed.

High octane action of the type Woo does the best.