Betrayed Review

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Katie has started work on a farm and begun to get close to the owner. When they get along and the work is over, he asks her to stay on, but it has all been a ruse and she is actually an FBI agent...


FBI agent Debra Winger goes undercover to find the murderer of an outspoken Jewish DJ, only to find a group of white supremacist corn farmers, any of whom could be guilty. To complicate matters, she falls in love with widower Tom Berenger, who may be the leader of the group, and comes into conflict with her direct superior (the excellent John Heard) when her loyalties become divided.

Betrayed's strength lies in tension-mounting scenes such as the one at the Ku Klux Klan-type camp (complete with burning crosses) and the hunt of a young black man through the woods and is only really let down by a rather ridiculous ending.

Sustains itself well throughout, but ultimately disappointing at the moment of climax.