The Best Man Review

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When best man Olly falls for the bride, his good friend Murray sets about trying to get the girl for his mate.


This straight-to-DVD London-set rom-com starts off rather strongly, with a sweetly goofy Stuart Townsend in the leading role and Seth Green as his badly-behaved best friend Murray (with a not terrible British accent).

Townsend’s Olly is called upon to act as best man for an old friend, only to fall in love with the bride, so that Murray sets about trying to sabotage the wedding and make sure his friend gets the girl. On the downside, the bride is played by Amy Smart, who can’t act and isn’t cute enough to get away with it. Cast interviews and a ‘making of’ are the only extras.

The occasional amusing set-piece and a decent turn from the two male leads but Amy Smart doesn't carry the main role here.