My Best Friend Review

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An unlikeable antique dealer is challenged by those who know him to produce the best friend he falsely claims to have so he enlists the help of a genial cab driver and his life begins to change.


In this odd comedy-drama, Daniel Auteuil’s charmless antique dealer François forms an unlikely attraction to an ancient Greek vase. He takes a seemingly impossible bet to get it, pledging to produce the best friend he doesn’t have, which leads him to form an unlikely partnership with genial cabbie Bruno (Boon) as François tries to become a better human being.

Problem is, none of it hangs together. His fascination with the vase suggests a man desperate for friendship, which his actions don’t back up; and while his ‘friends’ brutally tell him they don’t like him, they continually seek out his company. Despite Boon’s considerable best efforts, Auteuil’s character’s contradictions fatally weaken the whole effort.

Very patchy with an unconvincing lead character.