My Best Friend is a Vampire Review

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Jeremy Capello (Leonard) is a normal teenager until he spends a night with the alluring Candy Andrews (Locken). A bloodlust takes over him, which he sates with pig's blood, retaining his essentially goody-goody nature. But an odd diet is not his only problem - there's a vampire hunter after him and a stake with his name on it...


Trying to muscle in on the staggering success of Teen Wolf, this is a quickly put together anthology of teeny situations, given the token twist of horror movie lore. Opportunities are wasted: the book that Jeremy consults, ‘Vampirism – A Guide to an Alternative Lifestyle,’ hints at a deep running vein of satire (Homosexuality? New Age? Pregnancy? STD? Take your pick), but it soon dries up.

Leftover are stock comic situations and a run-in with a vampire hunter that adds little tension to and already distended movie. If more time had been taken and a better cast assembled (there is nothing to match the bankable charm of Michael J. Fox here) this film could have prospered; it found a gap in the market, but failed to fill it properly.

An anaemic effort. Or, put interms the Californian teenages of the film would understand, this manages to both bite and suck at the same time.