My Best Friend's Girl Review

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Nice guy Dustin (Biggs) is hopeless with the ladies, so when he's dumped by girlfriend Alexis (Hudson) he persuades his flatmate to take her out on a terrible date.


Kate Hudson barely improves on Fool’s Gold with this comedy that strives to be tasteless but ends up just pointless. Alexis (Hudson) dumps nice guy Dustin (Jason Biggs), who decides to hire flatmate Tank (Dane Cook) to turn her off men. Tank has done this before: he takes girls on disastrous dates, prompting them to run back to their men (women are a predictable bunch in this world). But when Tank falls for Alexis, complications ensue. Cook goes hell for leather with his partly improvised dialogue, but there are few laughs, and when Alex Baldwin pops up as Tank’s dad, you really know this is a waste of talent.