Benny & Jolene Review

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As successful folk duo Benny and Jolene hit the road on tour, their relationship starts to fray amid the clamour of management, increasingly expectations and Jolene's annoying mum.


A hopeless, hapless indie folk duo — with an inexplicable number one hit behind them, after which it’s downhill with the awful acceleration of an avalanche — embark with parody music industry dopes on a toe-curling promotional tour in which fans and festival slots prove elusive. One suspects writer-director Jamie Adams, making his feature debut, has seen Spinal Tap a few times too many, but even at 88 minutes this initially amiable sketch is stretched thin. Happily Craig Roberts (Submarine) is very endearing in his amorous ineptitude and Fresh Meat’s Charlotte Ritchie is cutely dippy. With a couple of brewskies downed, it’s bearable.

Even the charm of its two likeable leads can't sustain this flimsy road movie.