Belly of the Beast Review

Image for Belly of the Beast

Seagal plays an ex-CIA agent who puts his skills to use in rescuing his kidnapped daughter.


Straight to DVD for this crapulous collection of clichés, all of which are supposedly justified by a plot that, in reality, is as thin as its "star", Steven Seagal, is fat.

Seagal's character comes out of retirement to rescue his kidnapped daughter, kicking lots of bad guy butt, and while the best of his films never thrived on their story lines, this one is especially woeful, albeit directed by veteran HK director Siu-Tung (who served most recently as action choreographer on House of Flying Daggers). Seagal is too portly for his fight scenes - hence excessive slo-mo and naff wire-work - and the irony of the title was lost on the star and director.

And who the heck gave this podgy pugilist a love scene? Yuck!

Really, and we mean really, bad, but actually quite good for a larf.