Bellman and True Review

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Computer expert Hiller, is bribed by a a group of bank robbers into obtaining the security details of their next target. After having done the deed the robbers locate him and hold his son hostage while forcing him to take part in the robbery.


A British heist movie, made for the cinema but resembling a Euston Films TV series stuck together into a feature, with Bernard Hill as Hiller a computer programmer who blackmailed by crooks into helping them circumvent a security system for the robbery of a newly opened bank.

Of course, the setpiece is the caper itself, which is ingeniously executed with some remote control trickery. However, there are plent of other decent sequences as well, as Hill tries to trick the brutal baddies who are threatening his son. Enjoyable heist action, but seriously flawed.

It goes on too long, however, and is curiously lopsided in its construction, peaking with the robbery and drifting downhill thereafter.