Beauty Shop Review

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Gina moves from Chicago (home of the Barbershop) to Atlanta, and takes work at an upmarket salon. It's not long though, before she tells her exploitative boss to shove it, and buys a run down salon of her own.


"Do you think these pants make my butt look big?" enquires Gina (Latifah) of her daughter. "Yes," comes the reply. "Perfect!" And so the Barbershop spin-off launches its cheery tirade against slimming, plastic surgery and cheatin' men.

The setting is Gina's hair salon, which she opens after telling her old boss Jorge (an amusingly camp Kevin Bacon) where to shove it. It's very sitcom in style: you half expect to hear whoops when a new character makes their exaggerated entrance. But while some characters are crass (notably Djimon Hounsou's artistic upstairs neighbour - sound familiar?), there's warmth and laughter here.

The message may be obvious but, like Bridget Jones, this has the power to unite a female audience ready and willing to overlook its supposed weaknesses.