Beautiful Kate Review

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Ned Kendal returns home to confront his terminally ill dad. Being away from his family and roots has worked well for Ned but once home it's not long before painful family secrets and haunting past memories surface.


Haunted by painful memories of his family, damaged writer Ned (Ben Mendelsohn), with tramp girlfriend in tow, descends on the Outback home he left decades earlier to confront his dying dad (Bryan Brown). Festering shame, anger and recriminations erupt while younger sister Sally (Rachel Griffiths) mediates and finally offers an important revelation of her own. Writer-director Ward delivers an astonishingly sensitive, hypnotic adaptation of a disturbing American novel, with her Australian location a powerful element in the tale of isolation, teenage desires, forbidden love, tragedy, the indelicacies of dying and the blessed relief of peacemaking.

A powerful tale of forbidden love, isolation and making peace with the past. Beautiful Kate is truly hypnotic.