Battle for Terra Review

Image for Battle for Terra

The last human fugitives from the planets they keep depleting discover Terra and, despite the indigenous population, decide to colonize it.


In concept — bad-guy humans take over an alien planet — and format — 3-D — this likable sci-fi ’toon sounds a bit like a cut-price Avatar. If it lacks Cameron’s wow factor, it is still an enjoyable romp, as human pilot Jim (Luke Wilson) hooks up with alien tadpole Mala (Evan Rachel Wood) to defend peace-loving Planet Terra from evil General Hemmer (Brian Cox), hell-bent on turning the atmosphere into oxygen.

The 3-D is redundant and the elements, from Star Wars dog-fights to a WALLlE-esque sidekick, are familiar, but it gets by on impressive design, infectious exuberance and some interesting dramatic twists (will Jim betray his brother for Mala?), and the Terrans make for engaging, endearing company.

Enjoyable, adventurous romp.