Bats Review

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Flesh-eating bats descend on small-town Texas. Luckily Lou Diamond Philips is on hand.


One of the more memorable sequences in this bog standard "genetically modified (insert mammal here) gone wild" flick has the cast wading through bat shit. It's an experience the audience can easily empathise with, since this by-the-numbers film itself has more than the whiff of the excremental about it.

Lou Diamond Phillips (yes, he of the Brat Pack B-team) is the small-town sheriff coping with a swarm of man-eating bats. He is helped by bat expert Meyer (Starship Troopers) and her persistently unamusing sidekick (the uni-monikered Leon, who is apparently a TV star in the US). The bat-effects are quite possibly the worst ever committed to film since Hammer last dangled a bobbing joke-shop toy from a bit of string.

An unholy, humourless splicing of The Birds and The Swarm, with neither the true terror of the first or hokey charm of the latter.