Baron Blood Review

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Visiting American student, Peter, with the help of a local girl Eva research his family tree and manage to bring back one of his ancestors from the dead. Sadly this one is an evil Baron that takes to killing the locals until another new arrival to the small town comes up with a suggestion.


Significantly different from any previously released cut, this is one of Bava's pot-boilers but is still of interest to fans of this undervalued horror master. A witch's curse, a reanimated torturer, an old castle, gruesome murders, plenty of fog and a screaming Elke Sommer running from the monsters while wearing weird 1972 outfits are elements in a very trite horror screenplay, but Bava works overtime with lighting effects, shambling figures, authentic locations, strange-looking supporting characters and a well-worn zoom lens to instil visual value. Furthermore, it has a bizarre sense of humour to go with its gore.

With enough supporting actors to provide interesting fodder for the evil Baron and plenty of running and screaming from Elke Sommer, this is an enjoyable horror movie with a genuinely scary Baron. Sadly the effects look a little shakey even by the 70's standards but that's a minor gripe.