The Bank Job Review

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Jason Statham stars as Terry, the car dealer with a dodgy past and Saffron Burrows is Martine, the successful model from his old neighbourhood who inveigles her old flame and his friends into undertaking the bank robbery.


Roger Donaldson is the Ronnie O’Sullivan of directors - often brilliant but prone to wobbles. And true to form, after the sublime The World’s Fastest Indian comes this lumbering thriller which feels like it belongs on the telly. Pity, for he has an intriguing true-life premise to work from.

In 1971, the robbery of a London bank was covered up by a government D-notice that quelled the media response, and the robbers were never caught. But despite that, and the odd attempt to deepen the story from a socio-political viewpoint, this is oddly uninvolving, while Statham - so good at punching things and growling threats - is stranded with a role that requires him to do little of either. Disappointing.

Despite a good premise, this is oddly uninvoling - culminating in a real disappointment.