Bangkok: Dangerous Review

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Kong, a deaf-mute hitman who works in Bangkok, falls in love with a young shop assistant.


Written, directed and edited by the Pang brothers, Bangkok Dangerous delivers 105 minutes of explosive, stylised, bone-splintering violence that leaves little room for dialogue. The story follows two hit men - Joe, a passionate, fiery killer and Kong, a deaf-mute who carries out his work with alarming detachment.

When Kong falls in love with a young shop assistant he sees the opportunity for redemption, despite a spiralling trail of revenge killings. So far, so-so. What lifts the film is an incredible dynamic style that assaults the eyes and ears in equal measure. No trick is left untried, from the opening credits gleaming out from a pool of blood, to the film's startling, ultra-slo-mo, rain-soaked finale.

It might be easy to accuse Bangkok Dangerous of veering towards the style-over-content school of filmmaking - but, boy, what style!