Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever Review

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Two law enforcement agents who hate each others guts must team up to take down a technological menace.


How exactly do you make a kung fu action film starring Lucy Liu in the snuggest of outfits interminably boring? By foregoing the cheerful froth of Charlie's Angels for stony-faced pretension.

Liu and Antonio Banderas play rival assassins with a history, going "ballistic" every time they meet. Despite the stars looking incredibly cool, the action fails to keep up, with an overuse of slo-mo and disorienting editing thrown in by young Thai director Kaosayananda. Scripted by the sometimes suprising Alan B. McElroy (writer of superior Brandon Lee vehicle Rapid Fire and the sorely underrated backwoods horror Wrong Turn), the ridiculous plot plays like Dynasty with pyrotechnics.

A career low for both Liu and Banderas. Pretty darn poor.