Ballad Of A Soldier Review

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On a brief trip home on leave during World War II, heroic soldier Alyosha meets shura on a train and a connection is immediate.


BAFTA-winning and Oscar and Palme d’Or nominated, Ballad Of A Soldier is an exquisite piece of ’60s Russian cinema. The deceptively simple story of a 19 year-old soldier given leave to visit his mother in the wake of heroism reveals layers of symbolism as the journey begins to take on greater significance than his "mission"; and by revealing the soldier’s fate in the opening moments, director Grigori Chukhrai imbues every encounter with extra poignancy.

Romantic, lyrical, always surprising and with wonderful central performances (plus beautiful black-and-white cinematography), Ballad is a breath of fresh air.

Moving and quietly compelling with great lead performances.