Into The Badlands Review

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Bounty hunter T.L Bartson sets searches the badlands for a wanted outlaw named Red Roundtree.


An odd, macabre-tinged Western with Bruce Dern as a whiskery bounty hunter who grimly roams in and out of three gloomy stories.

Outlaw Dylan McDermott arranges to meet his consumptive dance hall gal (Helen Hunt) in a graveyard and lives {or doesn't) to regret it; farmers' wives Mariel Hemingway and Lisa Pelikan spend a night beseiged by wolves as the prissy Pelikan gradually goes insane and reaches for an axe; and Dern tries to take in the corpse of a wanted outlaw only to get tangled up with a very peculiar townful of retards who insist the dead man isn't who Dern says he is.

This isn't an all-out horror Western, despite the gothic touches, but it does have an unusual atmosphere, and Dern, philosophically narrating the hard-luck stories or chatting with the dying man he has just shot, gives his best performance for years.

Fine atmospheric western with some fantastic performances.