Back To The Future Trilogy Box set, including Back to the Future Review

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Back to the Future: '80s teenager Marty McFly accidentally travels back in time to the 1950s where (or rather when) he must ensure his parents meet and fall in love before their displaced son ceases to exist. Back to the Future Part II: Marty must travel to the future to avert a potential disaster concerning his own son, before travelling back to the '80s where his malicious neighbour has caused a time paradox (trust us, it all makes perfect sense). Back to the Future Part III: On his final ad


Witty, warm, smart: Robert Zemeckis' original Back To The Future puts today's crop of wannabe blockbusters to shame. A mouthwatering concept - '80s kid (a winning Michael J. Fox) travels to the '50s to see the reality of his parents as teenagers - is played out in an exquisite script, shot through with invention, great performances and a surprising emotional wallop.

Filmed back-to-back some five years later, Back To The Future II and III don't measure up to the first film, but there is still plenty to savour. Whereas Part III is the more enjoyable of the two - Zemeckis has fun with Western staples amid all the time travel malarkey - Part II ranks among the most experimental sequels ever made by using its follow-up status to go back into and investigate the original flick, an idea more Jean-Luc Godard than Steven Spielberg.

While the first Back to the Future stands as one of the key Hollywood movies of the 1980s, its sequels offer some of the most inventive time-travel thrills of all time. That's the power of love!