Back In Business Review

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An ex-cop gets pulled back in an undercover mission for the FBI by his former partner. The mission is to catch drug runners


A basic formula which usually only works with a corkingly witty script some breathtaking setpieces. This has neither, partnering Brian Bosworth and whiny African-American comedian Joe Torry as bickering, bantering and butt-walloping law enforcement types out to nail Brion James, who combines the traditional roles of by-the-book-superior and fiendish drugs baron.

There are no surprises and the action sequences look inexpensive. Not very exciting, not very funny and hardly likely to promote either of its stars out of the low-rent sector, it cruises along like a very old car, you know it'll get to where it's going in the end but you don't want to go along for the ride.

Seen it all before, Cop-buddy movie..