She's Having a Baby Review

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Newlyweds Jake and Kristy are unprepared for the reality of married life, and the pressure of their parents for the patter of little feet. Egged on by his friend Davis, Jake can't help daydreaming that the grass must be greener for the single man...


Hughes graduated from teen themes to twentysomethings with his semi-autobiographical tale of a wannabe writer in an affluent Illinois suburb who marries young and rails against his mounting responsibilities. Kevin Bacon is appealing as a restless, Mittyish husband ever fantasising that a more exciting, meaningful life is eluding him, Elizabeth McGovern is charming as his nest-building wife, and Alec Baldwin provides some much-needed acerbity as Bacon's serpent buddy with the wonderful red car.

By turns amusing and exasperating, it takes its time getting to the "Life is what you make it" point, but it's sweet.

In another variation on a theme, this plodding drama may have its heart in the right place but, along side a gaggle of angst-ridden Hughes dramas of the period, fails to stand out amongst the crowd.