Baby Boom Review

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J.C. Wiatt has earned the nickmane Tiger Lady during her career as take-no-prinsoners New York go-getter. Her life is turned upside down when she finds out that her inheritance from a relative on foreign shores isn't exactly the cash windfall she'd hoped for.


Diane Keaton at her funniest inherits a nipper, turns in her briefcase and grapples with single parenthood in largely amusing fashion. Apart from fulfilling the “Diapering Baby” and “Country House Falling Down ‘Round Her Ears” joke quota, there are some good giggles at Big City Business, yuppiedom and Keaton’s transformation from Armani exec into Laura Ashley earth mother. The caring, sharing guy who miraculously materialises - as they invariably do in these maternal times of need - is a simply divine Sam Shepard, and the scene in which they meet is so hilariously embarassing it’s almost worth having a gander on this basis alone.

A fine multi-layered romantic comedy with delightful, laugh-out-loud turns from the two leads.