Author! Author! Review

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A New York playwright is forced to complete his latest work while pursuing his absconded wife.


A rare comedy role for Al Pacino (unless, of course, you count his enjoyably daft turn in The Devil's Advocate), this romantic farce - made when his career was in an early '80s lull - sees him starring as a New York playwright who's struggling to get his latest work produced in time for a deadline, just as his wife leaves him with five kids to look after.

Directed by Arthur Hiller of 1970's similarly syrupy Love Story, Author! Author! is broadly humorous in places, with some decent supporting performances from Dyan Cannon and Tuesday Weld, but it's more the kind of thing you'd expect of Steve Martin if it were made today - so caution is advised.

A movie that's too patently "heart-warming" for its own good, and boasting one of the most revolting title-songs of all time.