Asterix At The Olympic Games Review

Image for Asterix At The Olympic Games

Little Gaul Asterix and his oafish best mate Obelix head off to win the Olympic games to help their friend win the hand of his one-true love.


The big screen outings of everyone’s favourite Gauls are huge in Europe, but have never really caught on here, even dubbed. It’s a shame they’ve now reverted to subtitles, as, by the time kids are old enough to keep up, they’ll have outgrown the gags.

Still, this third outing shows no lull in production values, as the pair assist their impossibly handsome friend Alafolix on his quest to win the Olympics and the hand of Princess Irina.

Puns on names and modern culture remain sharp and fun, but even the spirited performances and a wealth of cameos can’t distract from a running time as bloated as Obelix.

The puns on names are still tittersome but this non-dubbed effort fails to really hit the funny bone.