Assassination Review

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A grumpy bodyguard (Bronson) is assigned to protect the First Lady, but is forced to track her down as she flees his attentions, before the pair of them have to pool resources to escape a common foe.


A constipated thriller with the cheap explosions widely spaced between a lot of Charles Bronson and Jill Ireland being rude to each other. She’s excruciating as the President’s wife and he’s what he always is as the bodyguard assigned to protect her. The First Lady takes it upon herself, somewhat foolishly given the surety that an assassin will no doubt be on the prowl, to flee the grouchy protection of Bronson. As with most of the plot in this queasy chase movie, her reasons for doing so are poorly explained, and it’s hard to care whether or not she’ll be rescued.

Abnormally calmer than Bronson's usual output, you wait for the bloodbath, or at least some excitement, that never comes.