Arthur Review

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Usually inebriated, middle-aged playboy Arthur has no ambitions in life, other than to secure his large inheritance, which come one the condition of marriage. Trouble is, the penniless waitress who caught his eye is a much more alluring prospect.


Cuddly Dudley revitalised his comic career — for a while at least — in this successful 80s comedy. It's the tale of drunk playboy Arthur (Moore), who attempts to sober up and mend his ways in order to get his hands on an inheritance, and land a rich wife into the bargain.

While Dudley's booze-sodden antics tire after a while, there's relief in the form of John Gielgud as the old-fashioned English butler with a nice line in four-letter words, and a return to the screen from Liza Minelli, who plays the waitress Arthur falls in love with.

Watch and enjoy, but avoid the completely disastrous sequel.