The Art Of Getting By Review

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George (Highmore) is a fatalistic teenager who can't muster the effort to apply himself to his studies because, well, what's the point? Sally (Roberts), though, might be the person to challenge his lax life as a going-nowhere high-schooler.


Little Freddie Highmore (Charlie And The Chocolate Factory) isn’t so little anymore — he plays a gangly American teen in this semi-romantic drama. George is an aimless sort who doesn’t see the point in homework: we’re all going to die anyway. In comes Sally (Emma Roberts), new friend and potential object of desire. Are they meant to be together? You may be past caring as George’s self-sabotage plumbs new depths while the script only scratches the surface of his character. Still, it’s amusing and insightful in parts, with no faulting the two leads, ably supported by a likeable Michael Angarano as an artist. Best enjoyed by listless teens who can eke out comparisons with their own complex lives.

A likeable debut from director Gavin Wiesen that will appeal to teens. And, my, hasn't that Freddie Highmore grown up.