Armored Review

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A new recruit at an armored truck company falls into the hands of his nasty work-mates, who coerce him into stealing a truck containing over 40 million dollars. The plan seems to come off with aplomb, until the bickering starts, and threatens to ruin everything, whilst putting them in dire jeopardy.


Director Nimrod Antal and writer James V. Simpson’s workaday crime caper is a film that, you feel, you ought to like more than you do. What positive notices it has received Stateside have made much of its upholding the noble tradition of the B movie, being a retro heist-gone-wrong flick about a bunch of security guards (lead by Matt Dillon and Laurence Fishburne) attempting to knock-off their own armoured car that shuns FX excesses in favour of old-school, in-camera stunts and action.

There is something commendable in that. However, a threadbare plot, stereotypical characters and the type of dialogue that might have passed muster in a 1974 episode of Baretta serves as a reminder that back in the day, when B movies were, by definition, second-rate filler made on the cheap, most of them were crap.

Whilst applauding the old school ambitions of this classic style of crime caper, there's not enough quality in plot, script or character to make it hold together.